Friday, 9 March 2012

I need a Doctor

I'm not sure I've mentioned my love of Who, that's Doctor Who, the longest running science fiction show in THE world. Ever.  As a child I loved the show, Tom Baker's be-scarfed character being My Doctor, as a young teen the wobbly sets and ridiculously bad special effects were not as appealing as Prince or boys, my love waned then the show was cancelled.

In 2005 The Doctor returned with much heralding from the BBC and much trepidation from me, my last memories of the show were somewhat laughable, an ear-ringed Martin Clunes in lipstick and bad eyeshadow.  I had two children by this point, the youngest being too young to watch and Daughter being eight was excited by this new series, so I decided to put all past memories behind me and watch with fresh eyes.  By the end of the first series of new Who I was massively addicted, I was angry that Christopher Eccleston was leaving and felt sure his regeneration into David Tennant was a terrible move and my rekindled love would slowly disperse into the ether with Christopher's serious face and swooshing leather coat.  I couldn't have been more wrong, Tennant and Billie Piper were an unstoppable force, gaining credibility with every episode.  The writing on the show is brilliant, inspired, and the emotions you go through with each episode leave you feeling shaky and drained, reminiscent of a hangover, without the hang.

Half way through Tennant's reign  Small Child began watching with Daughter and I, this is when my obsession really took hold.  Its more than a TV show for me, its the one and only time in my week when my children and I sit together on the sofa, no bickering, no teasing, no arm punching, no refereeing required and definitely NO talking.  All three of us totally absorbed in that world of running, laughing, good aliens, bad aliens, good humans, bad humans, crying, companions, stars, planets and more running.  All three of us feeling the emotion of our friends on the screen.  I'm not sure I will ever get over the raw emotion I felt during Tennant's last episode.....'I don't want to go' said he 'don't go' screamed I through snot and tears.

I knew for certain I wouldn't like Matt Smith.  I discussed this at length with friends and family.  He's too young, he's too weird, he's NOT The Doctor, who is he?   Two series later  Matt Smith most definitely is The Doctor, we knew this after his first episode.  The writing is so perfect, so attuned to the nuances of the actors personality that within minutes you have quite forgotten the previous regeneration, so consumed are we by the story.Within minutes you love the new regeneration quite as much if not more than the last, it's the same with the companions, these characters are an integral part of the show, without which it would be hard to take you through the roller coaster of emotions that are forced upon you.

This year for the first time in seven years we have no summer series to look forward to.  We have to make do with pictures of filming and finding out who the guest stars are, trying to work out which character they will play.  We have to wait until the end of the year for Series 7, that's no good for me, I need a Doctor.

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