Monday, 17 March 2014

Well then, here we are again....

Life really has a habit of getting in the way of more important things like blogging and twitter doesn't it?  I have done neither for months.  However, it's almost April and we all know what that means, it's time send myself insane doing the April A to Z Blogging Challenge. 

Since we last spoke I have become quite the photographer, well, I say that, what I mean is I have a swanky new camera and I took a few courses and I take the odd photograph and in January I started another challenge...a photography challenge.  The challenge consists of taking a photograph a day for a 365 days, that's a whole year of photographs.  I have manged so far but then we are only three months in.  I have decided so as not to be too hard on myself that I could combine the two challenges...So expect better photographs on here and less writing, although I do intend to do some writing and I guess any writing, however small is better than the NO writing that I've been doing for the past ten months. I also want to try and keep it vaguely Doctor Who themed but whether that will work out is a whole different matter...

As Sherlock would say "the game is on"

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  1. Have fun with your photos! I did 52 weeks of happiness one year and sometimes it was hard to pick, or make one fit. I typically do take at least one picture a day of some nonsense or other. ;) stopping by from a-z


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