Thursday, 21 March 2013

One flew over the cuckoo's nest...

So I haven’t blogged for almost a year...I was scared off  by a Rogue Cyberman. Sounds like a joke doesn’t it? I wish it was dear reader but alas no, this man, and I use the word man in the loosest sense of the word (a better analogy would be worm) has had me running scared for quite some time.  It’s not just me he has wounded, there are many of us who have experienced his insanity and this has been going on for a long, long time....shame it wasn’t in a galaxy far, far away.  Although to be honest he is so far removed from the real world I think he probably does live in that far away galaxy, if of course that galaxy is called Psychosis.

He has been suspended from twitter many times over, he has tried many lines to get the traffic to his little blog empire, for empire read tiny little bedroom in mummy’s house (by the way I am loving all these Star Wars references) he has many accounts, his newest being a lady, because you know there aren’t any female Doctor Who fans and of course the ones that do exist like to take their clothes off on their blogs...blogs by the way that are linked to their Doctor Who (a children’s show) Twitter accounts on which they have followed many under 18 Twitter users who are Doctor Who fans. That’s nice isn’t it?  Such an upstanding pillar of society, gosh mummy must be so proud.

Over recent weeks, many twitter users have opened their eyes to his ways, many adults abhorred by the use of a children's show to get traffic to his sites which hold pictures of half clothed women.  He will be loving the attention of course, I dread to think what he is sitting there doing when the users begin bating him (I do hope he has a lock on his bedroom door and plenty of tissues, the filthy little boy) He loves to threaten and use our real names on Twitter, that’s fine, none of us have anything to hide, we are all genuine Doctor Who fans, it get’s slightly threatening though when he posts google maps of peoples home address or states he has found your facebook page and you should be careful what you do with your family.  It is really easy to threaten and harass people from behind a keyboard, I’d like one minute with this little worm, I wouldn’t be awful, I never am, I would just like to sit with him for one minute with my kids in the room too, we wouldn’t say a word, I’d just like him to see my wonderful family and the people he has actually been making veiled threats about.  My nine year old son dressed as the Doctor and my 15 year old daughter hiding behind her hair. I’d just look into his eyes for that minute and maybe spit on him as we left. 

Anyway carry on Mr Rogue Cyberman you have to live with yourself in your little world, you have far more time than us it would seem, talking to yourself as you do with your many accounts.  We don’t really care what your name is, we simply care that you are sullying our favourite show with lets face it, some not very scintillating , old fashioned pictures of some not very attractive women.  If you want to see gorgeous female Doctor Who fans just go to any convention, we are there in droves dressed as a companion, the TARDIS or even the Doctor.

So there you have it, I am back in the world of the blog.  Preparing once more for the April A-Z Challenge.  Of course there hasn’t been much Doctor Who on TV over the past year for me to write about but I’m sure I will think of something. 

His name is - Rogue Cyberman
His name is - Time Girl Katie
His name is - Poppy Flintlock


  1. Wonderful post. I was tricked by him and have been following this saga - I hope that Twitter gets wise to is computer internet address and manage to block him for good. If I had children I would have been terrified if they found out what he is like. All bullies are cowards: The most cowardly of the lot are cyber bullies - hiding behind another name, a false identity and a keyboard in their own rooms. Awful, what you have had to go through and you are still fighting strong! Go Mother!


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