Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring...

Banana phone.

"Always take a banana to a party Rose, bananas are good" - The Doctor. 

The Doctor (David Tennant) said the above line in the episode titled "The Girl in the Fireplace" a brilliant story involving period drama and some fantastic clock work monsters that were terrifying.  There's a scene with a horse and a mirror that is truly amazing that made me cheer like my home team had won a cup and  of course there are the scenes that made me sob like a toddler who has lost their teddy. In my opinion if you do not laugh, cry and cheer throughout an episode of Doctor Who and preferably experience all these emotions at the same time then it's not a proper episode.  

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B is for Banana


  1. He thought I was a bit mad when I asked him to pose with a banana!

  2. Loved Rose as a companion, cried buckets when they parted.

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