Saturday, 7 April 2012


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I have to be honest, I wasn’t prepared at all for today’s letter.  I sat for four hours last night and started five different G’s.  I have been sitting at my laptop since ten o’clock this morning and all I have done is flit from Word to Twitter trying, hoping to find some inspiration.  As I’m typing I still don’t have a title or indeed any idea of what I’m going to write.  Father, Daughter and Small Child have all been shouting various G’s at me.  Gelth, Gas Mask Zombies, Gangers, Gallifrey being particular favourites and I have started to write about all four, but, BUT I’m trying not to be obvious, I didn’t want my Doctor Who blog to read like my cherished Doctor Who Encyclopedia that Daughter bought me for Christmas.  I didn’t just want to list the various characters and monsters that we all know and love.  Of course I have done this, I have talked about characters that touched my family like Bannakaffalatta and Daleks but I just can’t find a G that touches me in any particular way.

Of course you, the reader are in a far better position than I because if you are reading this, it means I have posted it and have come up with something and you have already read the title that hasn’t even come into my mind yet and you know what my post on the letter G is about.  This means that you are the River Song to my Doctor and you could give me spoilers (I wish you would I am totally winging it here)  This whole post is turning into some sort of time paradox, where you the reader know more about what I have written already, than I do now as I’m typing.  Now this is the sort of thing in Doctor Who that makes father roll his eyes, the whole concept of time travelling and the various problems it throws at you.  I think I damn near melted Fathers brain when I asked him to read the entry on River Song in the aforementioned Encyclopedia.

I guess I could say what I am doing is taking a gamble that you, my reader will stick with me through this slump in motivation that hopefully after my day off on Sunday, you will all come back on Monday to read my post on H (I have plans for H, why oh why did I not prepare G)  Our beloved Doctor takes gambles in most episodes, I’m wondering if I can cheat a bit and use Gamble?  Can I get away with it? I’m afraid I may have to, my inspiration has up and left me, like so many companions have left the Doctor.  You are probably wondering why I have posted a picture of the Silence to go with this gamble of mine.  It’s simple, I want you to forget this bad post as soon as you have read it, no tally marks on arms please, no photos, no memories.

Until Monday dear reader, Happy Easter.


  1. Wonderful - I'm loving these. I guess being a Who-fan is a bit of a gamble too, in that sometimes you get a cracking story or a story arc that has you puzzled, perplexed and then pleased and going "OMG wow" or has you weeping and sobbing. Or worse, has you going "WTF was that piece of toss?". But you stick with it because you know it will be better next week or next time and more often than not, it is.
    Being a rotten little anarchic rule-breaker, I went for Gwyneth who evolved into Gwen Cooper. And being a girly-swot I have mine done up as far as X, Y and Z, which are giving me no end of problems...
    Til Monday, when my "H" will be for "Hot" *wink* xxx

  2. I'm so excited to have reached your blog! Dr. Who-ishness! Yay! You definitely haven't lost me through not having a G-word. I enjoyed your post regardless of the G-lessness. Looking forward to more!

  3. Bless you! Of course we will stick with you! It is difficult finding inspiration sometimes. Lovely that the family are getting involved in finding that inspiration for you :)


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