Sunday, 22 April 2012

River Song

 Photo copyright Lisa Hazlegreaves

Finally, finally I get to write about the opulent River Song.  River is the character in Doctor Who played by Alex Kingston.   I will have to admit I have a rather large girl crush on River Song, this doesn’t happen very often to me, I mean I am most definitely heterosexual,  I don’t often fall in love with other women.  This shows the power of the writing in Doctor Who, Alex Kingston I remembered fondly (but not adoringly) from ER as simply a good looking woman but not sexy in that way   However in Doctor Who she wears a gun, in a holster, on the top of her thigh.  She talks to The Doctor, that good man that no other comes close to, that omniscient man with two hearts, she talks to him in such a compelling way it makes me clap my hands like a seal. I absolutely adore her. 

We first meet River in an Episode called The Silence In The Library the first part of a two part story in series four with Tennant as The Doctor.  You know immediately that this woman is different, her very first words to The Doctor are ‘Hello Sweetie’ I love it when she says that.  She has this diary that looks like a TARDIS, a very old looking book and well used.  She keeps referring to it and will not let The Doctor look because of ‘spoilers’  The Doctor doesn’t know who River is but it clear that she knows him very well.   River dies in the second part of this story saving The Doctor and this is very sad but is much harder to bear when you re-watch on DVD after knowing her full story. 

River Song is actually Melody Pond, the daughter of Amy and Rory, The Doctors current companions.  This is where her time-line and story get pretty complicated, when I read the entry about her in my cherished Doctor Who Encyclopedia I was a little confused to say the least, when I gave it to Father to read, him of little faith in Science Fiction I thought his head was going to explode, he drooled for about three hours after.  Therefore I am not going to try and write it here for you, let me suffice to say she was in prison for murdering The Doctor and also married him, after she was put in prison for murdering him....oh my!

I simply love her, I love her huge mop of curly hair and the sexy way she swishes it about.  I love that she carries a gun, when The Doctor hates guns, and that she looks absolutely wonderful using it.  I love the way she talks to The Doctor in such a commanding way that you just know they have history, or future, or something.  I love that she went back to the beginning of time and wrote ‘Hello Sweetie’ in huge letters on a cliff for The Doctor to read.  I love that she has a diary that looks like The TARDIS that she won’t let The Doctor look at because of spoilers and I love how she says ‘spoilers’.  Let’s face it, I just love her, every single little thing about her and if the writers do not bring her back in series seven I WILL be taking a letter.


  1. Hi, friend! I have never watched Dr. Who, but oh, wow! I am surely tempted now. Some characters are just larger than life, and this lady certainly is. Thanks for the preview! So nice to meetcha'!
    Best regards to you. Ruby aka Grammy

  2. I watched the original Dr. Who... glad the story continues. :)

  3. River Song is one of my favorite all time heroines. To top it off, she's in love with the Doctor and he with her. I live vicariously through River!


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