Saturday, 21 April 2012


Photo copyright Lisa Hazlegreaves

My Small Child who is now not actually that small and is 8 years old puts me and everybody else in mind of a mad scientist.  This image isn’t helped by the fact he wanders round constantly wearing a bow tie (Matt Smith I have you to blame for this)  He, like his older sister is very intelligent but unlike his sister he has little concentration.  His brain is constantly popping from one idea to the other, he is forever drawing blue prints for various inventions, whilst sitting doing his school homework you can actually see his brain switch from homework to invention, you can see it in his eyes, he can actually be writing and mid word the switch will happen and he will animatedly turn to me and ask me whether this theory will work or what a certain electric particle is called????

He came to Doctor Who mid way through Tennants reign, he was a little too young prior. Doctor Who really excites his scientific brain, about six months after he started watching Who our weekly trip to the Library no longer consisted of retrieving story books but became a search for books about electronics and how stuff works.  This theme continues, I can not get my Small Child to read story books now but he will sit for hours with his head in a book about anything factual.  For about three years he has been designing his own time machine, I have no doubt in my head that this small person will eventually invent one that works. (That would make me a very proud Whovian Mother) Small Child has drawn many blueprints over the years and we scour markets and small treasure troves of shops for crystals.  My Small Child believes that the perfect piece of Quartz is the key to time travel and we have bought many pieces of Quartz to try and find that one piece of crystal that will absolutely, definitely power his time machine.  Hopefully one day Small Child will find that perfect Quartz and hopefully one day he will travel back in time so that his older self can give his Whovian mother a kiss. 

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