Monday, 23 April 2012

Talking Who and Twitter

Yes, yes I know I missed out S...I will do it I promise.  However today is T.

I discovered Talking Who when I properly discovered Twitter a few months before Christmas.  Talking Who is a live monthly webcast all about my favourite thing, Doctor Who. Now I know I promised my blog would be about all things Doctor Who related and it may seem a little odd writing about Twitter and a web show, but without discovering both of these things and all the Whovians that go with them, I wouldn’t be writing this blog, so I think they deserve a mention, nay a whole post, also easily sorted my letter T when I had already written about the TARDIS earlier in the month.  Cough.

I didn’t really understand Twitter when I first joined, it was extremely confusing, in fact I initially joined about two years ago and had dipped in every few months, to no avail.  Then my teenage daughter began using Twitter, none of her friends like her sort of music and she loved that she could talk on Twitter with like minded people.  So I searched under the hash tag for Doctor Who and my, what a treasure trove of Whoness I discovered.  There are parody accounts of all my favourite characters, there are lots of writers, cast, crew, technicians that tease you with snippets of information and then, then there are the Whovians.  This bunch of like minded folk, know that when I tweet “my killing me” I’m not just announcing that I have a headache, that I am also quoting Rose Tyler.  They produce podcasts that I can download from iTunes that make me laugh and inform me all at the same time. They post quotes, pictures and blogs that I enjoy reading and two of these Whovians produce a live monthly web show called Talking Who. 

Elisar and Sean really, really know their stuff when it comes to The Doctor and it’s clear to see that they enjoy talking about it, eagerly discussing any new episodes, books or just general Who banter. They tweeted that they would like their show to have more fan involvement so I said that I would like to help.  They asked me to review podcasts, on video.  I was hoping that I would just have to research stuff and write, I hate being in front of a camera.  I have done two reviews so far and I have found both absolutely terrifying, I’m pretty sure you can hear my voice shaking and when I watch the live web show I have to close the window or leave the room when I come on such is the anxiety it causes.  You may wonder why I do it if I dislike it so much, well the thing is I really am a massive Who fan (not sure you will have noticed over the past month) and I get to talk about Who related things, to other Whovians, who will actually be interested in what I am saying.  It also gives me something for me, that isn’t child, house or work related which is pretty much the circle of my life currently.  This is a good thing.  Talking Who enabled me to feel confident about my passion, gave me a voice and an audience who wanted to hear about Doctor Who, people who wouldn’t have to hide a yawn when I showed them my seventy third picure of the TARDIS.  I really struggle to find the time to do my reviews for Talking Who, my life is a fully packed schedule of school, work, various kid related clubs, but I make the time.  I can listen to the podcasts on my iPhone walking to work or docked on the sound system whilst doing housework and then, well then I make the time to sit and write the review and do a bit of research.  It is the only time when I do something solely for me, something that hasn’t got anything to do with my kids in any shape or form.  Of course because both my children are massive Whovians too they aren’t totally shut out of my snatched half hour here and there in front of the computer.  They sometimes listen to the podcasts with me and tell me what they liked or not about them. 

So to any of my Whovian Twittersphere reading this let me say hello and thank you for giving me the confidence to write this.  To any readers who have stumbled innocently here, welcome and I hope you enjoyed my post. 

Talking Who can be found on Twitter if you want any more information on what they do.  @talkingwho

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