Monday, 30 April 2012

X is for kissing.

Now considering The Doctor has never had a proper romance in any of his eleven reincarnations he certainly manages to kiss a lot of people.  I have to be honest the past two weeks of blog writing have been a struggle for me, not because I couldn’t think of anything to write but because of things going on in my life that have impeded into what little spare time I have.  Therefore I find myself on the last day of  April and the A to Z blogging challenge with three posts left to complete and very little time to complete them.  Hence my W post was a bit of a cop out with a lot of pictures I fear the last three letters will be in the same vein.  

Back to the kissing...yes, our Doctor certainly likes to throw the lips on people and people tend to surprise him with the odd kiss too.  I figured what better way to show this than well, to simply show it in pictures. 
Photos courtesy of BBC
 X certainly does mark the spot apparently.  

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